Bonteheuwelstasie (Bonteheuwel Station), 2021

Igshaan Adams

The beauty of Adams’ work is that it exists in two scales: micro and macro. It is both cosmic universe and tiny seashell. It can be experienced in textured minutiae or in its calming entirety.

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Michaela Younge

Michaela Younge (b. 1993) lives and works in Cape Town. She is known for her felted artworks in merino wool depicting figurative narratives, whimsical and strange. Younge’s absurdist imagery carries a dark humour and subtle commentary on South Africa, somehow softened by the colourful and wispy fibres she works with.

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Bonolo Kavula

To understand the complex and deeply conceptual work produced by Cape Town-based artist Bonolo Kavula, it is essential to grasp her relationship with the process of printmaking and its history in South Africa. Kavula has a rebellious and individual way of working with printmaking, notably in her obsession with pushing the traditional limitations around this process, which has become characteristic of her work. A body of work that is part cerebral, part spiritual and deeply thought-provoking. “I am interested in the suggestion of something,” explains Kavula.

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