Katy Stubbs


Less concerned with the expression of self, Stubbs rather communicates wider, more universal narratives she perceives of the human experience. With a long-standing appreciation for Classical Civilisations, Stubbs masterfully translates the timeless themes found in Greek mythology into the contemporary laments that have pervailed into our modern world: jealousy, hubris, gluttony – all will be punished in the end.

Jane Yang D’Haene

jane-yang-dhaene-ceramics_Art Formes

Central to her oeuvre and practice is the culturally significant Dal Hang-ari, or Moon Jar: a vessel deeply entwined within the depth of Korean ceramic tradition and the broader essence of national identity.

Steven Edwards


Steven Edwards, based in Surrey, UK, is one of the world’s master manipulators of clay. Armed with four separate degrees in Ceramics, Fine Art, and Graphic Design, Edwards has spent the best part of 26 years consolidating his understanding of clay, leveraging his profound knowledge of its chemical makeup to yield unprecedented sculptural forms and compositions in this often volatile medium.

Johan Creten

Artist Johan Creten_Art Formes_Editorial_Interview_Contemporary Clay

Art Formes interviews Johan Creten, a flag bearer of the revitalisation of sculptural ceramics into the fine art realm.

RMB Latitudes Art Fair

RMB Latitudes Art Fair 2024_Art Formes

Art Formes presented South African ceramic masters at RMB Latitudes Art Fair 2024. Exhibiting artists: Jabulile Nala, Siyabonga Fani and Hennie Meyer. “Art Formes believes in slowing down the pace at which art is experienced, instead engaging with the literature and the artist’s own story that is the backbone of their works and practice.” art […]

Ngozi Omeje Ezema

Ngozi-Emeje Ozema_Art Formes_Nigerian ceramic artists_African ceramics

Art Formes interviews Nigerian ceramic artist Ngozi-Omeje Ezema, whose installation-based works expand the boundaries of traditional ceramics.

Xanthe Somers

Xanthe Somers_African Ceramics_Contemporary Clay_contemporary African ceramic artists_art formes

Xanthe Somers was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1992. Having studied Fine Art at Michaelis School, University of Cape Town, she later completed her Master’s Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy. Inspired by both her studies and upbringing, Somers seeks to create works that question the colonial legacies of her country – the impact of materiality and profit-seeking entities that have had such a strong influence on the lens through which we encounter such materiality.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Art Formes presented the first retrospective exhibition of South African clay at Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2024. Exhibiting artists: Jabulile Nala, Siyabonga Fani, Katherine Glenday, Belinda Blignaut, Ledelle Moe and Hennie Meyer. “Art Formes aims to pioneer a new way of seeing clay within contemporary art, broadening its scope — for should we limit […]


Jo Roets_south african ceramic artists_contemporary clay from south africa

Jo Roets is a sculptor, painter, and mould-maker. Her clayworks are air-dried “light relief sculptures”, catching the environment, being changed by the capricious turns of atmospheric light.


Sylvester Mqeku_Art Formes

Working with innovative sand-casting techniques, Mqeku experiments with the many states of earth materials: liquid, crumbling, solid, hardening, excavated, buried. His series The Birth of the Alter-Natural was Africa’s first sand-cast ceramics exhibition.

Dedicated to contemporary clay and ceramics from South Africa. The first publication of its kind, published by Art Formes.