Hylton Nel

The brilliance of Nel’s work is in its materiality. Naturally, it is the surfaces of his pieces that are immediately recognisable – rooted as they are in literature, history, mythology, eroticism and memoir


marlene steyn

Marlene Steyn is a painter, a sculptor of words and clay, and a holder of negative space. Steyn is widely exhibited in South Africa and abroad with her work extending to London, France, and Brussels, to name a few. Her work has appeared at both the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and the London Art Fair.


Andile Dyalvane_Clay Formes book by Art Formes

Andile Dyalvane is a ceramic artist and, alongside Zizipho Poswa, co-founded Imiso Ceramics. He was born in Ngobozana, near Qobo-Qobo in the Eastern Cape and spent his childhood embedded in traditional Xhosa lifeways, developing an intimate relationship with the umhlaba (the land, clay, mother earth) – tending to his father’s cattle herd and farming.

Dedicated to contemporary clay and ceramics from South Africa. The first publication of its kind, published by Art Formes.