The skins and material resonances of porcelain act as entry points into ‘the rest of the world’. The vessel becomes a literal echo-chamber for light and sound, stillness and movement..

Hylton Nel

The brilliance of Nel’s work is in its materiality. Naturally, it is the surfaces of his pieces that are immediately recognisable – rooted as they are in literature, history, mythology, eroticism and memoir


marlene steyn

Marlene Steyn is a painter, a sculptor of words and clay, and a holder of negative space. Steyn is widely exhibited in South Africa and abroad with her work extending to London, France, and Brussels, to name a few. Her work has appeared at both the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and the London Art Fair.


Andile Dyalvane_Clay Formes book by Art Formes

Andile Dyalvane is a ceramic artist and, alongside Zizipho Poswa, co-founded Imiso Ceramics. He was born in Ngobozana, near Qobo-Qobo in the Eastern Cape and spent his childhood embedded in traditional Xhosa lifeways, developing an intimate relationship with the umhlaba (the land, clay, mother earth) – tending to his father’s cattle herd and farming.

Dedicated to contemporary clay and ceramics from South Africa. The first publication of its kind, published by Art Formes.