Lyndi Sales


Lyndi Sales {clay}

This new experimental body of work showcases Lyndi Sales’ most recent explorations: that of ceramic and abstract painting – combined to create clay maps, or islands, both whimsical and fragmented. Lockdown Maps, a series of nearly fifty individual pieces, presents the introduction of both a new medium and artistic process into Sales’ larger body of work whilst simultaneously bringing through previous thematic threads, namely those around space and time.

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Lyndi Sales Nature’s Code

Nature’s Code is a bold and explorative body of work by Lyndi Sales – and in many ways, an evolution of her exhibition at Art On Paper in New York (2020), which held at its core an exploration of fragments. The latter defined as “a small piece or a part, especially when broken from something whole.’’ Sales’ work is characterised by a pulling in and compiling of various fragments; not only in relation to the medium itself, hand-cut paper or vilene, but with the artist’s piecing together of memory, of her own past visions and of fractured elements from something whole.

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