Newdigate’s canvas is clay, rendering his paintings globe-like. We look down into them, or are they perhaps extending out towards us? The porcelain has become a glass fishbowl for Newdigate’s microcosms, which are held tenderly, and most definitely magnified, by the crystalline smoothness of Ian Garrett’s forms.


Ian Garrett_Clay Formes publication_Art Formes

As one of South Africa’s master ceramicists, Ian Garrett featured in CLAY FORMES, a publication by Art Formes on contemporary African ceramics


Zizipho Poswa

South African ceramic artist Zizipho Poswa, whose work can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, is featured in CLAY FORMES, an Art Formes publication.


Astrid Dahl_ceramics_Art Formes_Clay Formes

South African ceramic artist Astrid Dahl makes vessels inspired by botanical forms, featured in the book CLAY FORMES by Art Formes.


Ledelle Moe_south african artists_contemporary clay from south africa

Moe uses concrete to subvert the metaphor of itself. The world of the things we think we know – the seemingly-solid – is memorialised in pieces. The angels are concrete, the concrete is fog.


Ben Orkin

South African ceramic artist Ben Orkin is featured in CLAY FORMES, an Art Formes publication on contemporary clay from South Africa.


The skins and material resonances of porcelain act as entry points into ‘the rest of the world’. The vessel becomes a literal echo-chamber for light and sound, stillness and movement..

Hylton Nel

The brilliance of Nel’s work is in its materiality. Naturally, it is the surfaces of his pieces that are immediately recognisable – rooted as they are in literature, history, mythology, eroticism and memoir

Dedicated to contemporary clay and ceramics from South Africa. The first publication of its kind, published by Art Formes.